Book Review: The Girl on the Train

girl-on-trainRachel is a hot mess. She drank herself out of her marriage, out of her job, and out of her friendships. In order to maintain the illusion of normalcy, she continues to take the train to “work” every single day. She uses this opportunity to stare out the window, pound gin and tonics, and fantasize about the life she had, the life she wanted, and the life that was stolen from her. Every day, she witnesses the “perfect couple.”  In the mornings, their smiling faces enjoy breakfast and coffee. In the evenings, they relax with their dinner and their wine. Rachel lusts after this life. This was her life, but her current life is little more than a boozy fog, so she takes comfort in the warm fantasies of the people she watches from the train. This fantasy too is steamrolled.

One morning, the perfect man isn’t there, and the perfect woman is kissing another man. That same day, the perfect woman goes missing. Rachel would be a key witness, except that she can’t be trusted. She stalks her ex-husband, harasses his new wife, and spends most of her life on the verge of being blackout drunk. Neither her memories nor her motives are trusted by the police. The dark cloud of an alcohol induced blackout hangs over that day, obscuring her recollection of the events. All she knows is that she woke up with bumps and bruises, along with the desperate feeling that key elements of the story have been buried deep within her psyche. Can she stay sober long enough to unearth the facts, and maybe even grasp the root of her addiction?

Genealogy Class

ancestryThe Sanilac Genealogical Society will be coming to the Library on March 1 at 2:00 to give a tutorial on how to use is the most popular genealogy website in the world. The library offers access to the subscription service within the library. Ancestry can be accessed using the library’s computers or the wi-fi connection with your own laptop or tablet.

Santa Visit

Cute-Santa-Claus-PNG-6Mr. Santa Clause will be paying us a visit on Saturday, December 19th at 11:00 am. That’s less than a week before Christmas, so it could be your last opportunity to get your wish list to the big man. Be warned, he’s only taking requests from good boys and girls. In addition to performing his normal services, he’ll be taking time out of his busy schedule to read us a story. While you’re waiting to see him, Margaret Hetzel will be leading a Christmas craft, so you can bring home a little Christmas cheer with you.

Hypnosis Show

sawdon magicAitkin Memorial District Library is presenting a Hypnosis Show starring Josh Sawdon on December 29, 2015 at 6:00 PM.

  • You and your friends can be the stars of the show!!!
  • 10-15 lucky volunteers will be chosen to participate.
  • All ages welcome to come to the show; Must be 13 or older to participate.

Seating is limited! Get your complimentary tickets now at Aitkin Memorial District Library, or call for information 810.679.3627. Like us on Facebook at

Thanksgiving Hours

thanksgivingThe library will be closed on Thursday, November 26 and Friday November 27 for Thanksgiving. Our normal operating hours remain the same for the rest of the week.

Book Review: Good and Cheap

good and cheap

Click image to find in library

Good and Cheap: Eat Well on $4 a Day is an essential cookbook, not just one for those trying to eat on a budget. So many cookbooks are loaded with complicated recipes with ingredients that nobody can pronounce with a straight face. This book strips cooking down to it’s essentials, and is driven by the idea that simple, fresh ingredients are the key to eating well. It’s also a commentary on the assumption that one has to be rich to eat well these days, and that it’s cheaper to eat fast food or instant processed food. This book shows that with a few basic cooking skills and the knowledge of which ingredients to buy, one can eat for a day on less than what the average “value meal” at McDonald’s costs.

Lately, we have seen many books of this nature. Mark Bittman and Michael Pollan have become celebrities and best selling authors by promoting the “real food” movement. With such lines like, “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants,” the real food movement has been rapidly gaining fans. This book is a perfect addition to those already on the bandwagon, or for those who are looking for an easy and inexpensive way to convert to a simple, nutritious, and delicious diet.

For those interested in the book, it can be borrowed from the library here, or the author has made it available for free via pdf download here.

Costume Exchange

costume exchangeLooking for an awesome new Halloween costume? Check out our costume exchange. We have lots of great costumes for all ages. Just bring in a new or used costume and in exchange you can take home one of ours! They will be set up all throughout October so stop in when you can.

Costume Contest Party

costume partyOctober 22 is the Aitkin Library Costume Contest for kids 5th grade and younger. The party starts at 5:30. Tricks and treats will be provided. We’ll have pumpkins to decorate and take home, and we’ll be showing classic Halloween specials. First, second and third place winners of the costume contest will take home spooky movies to get the whole family in the mood for Halloween! Sign up at the library or here on Facebook.