Weight Watchers Presents: Dish it Out

weight watchersThursday, Apirl 14 @ 5:30

Chef Isabella from Vincenzo, Italy will give a public demonstration on nutritional and authentic ways to cook pasta. Best of all, she’ll be providing samples!!! This Weightwatchers meeting is open to the public

Kids Flower Pot Decorating & Planting

Kids’ Sunflower Planting 5:00 pm

SunflowerPerfectBloomKids will design two flower pots. In one pot, they’ll transplant a pansy, and in the other one, they’ll plant a sunflower seed, and watch it grow! I’ve heard flowers make great Mothers’ Day Gifts! <3

Adult Coloring & Coffee

adult coloring-page-001Coloring books, pencils, and coffee are provided.

People all over the country are rediscovering the simple joy of coloring. It’s a creative way to reduce stress, express yourself, and meet with friends.

We’ll be meeting Monday April 11 at 4:00.

Organic Gardening 101

The Croswell Community Garden will be starting a 3 part series on organic gardening. The first class will be at Aitkin Memorial District Library organic gardeningSaturday, April 2 at 1:00. The class will cover the basics of organic gardening. Topics covered will include: What is organic gardening? Why is it important? How to keep your plants healthy by managing their access to water, sun, and air.

Easter Egg Hunt

7021876-rabbit-easter-eggsAitkin Library will be holding our annual Easter Egg Hunt this year on Saturday, March 26 (the day before Easter). Story time and craft starts at 10:15. The craft will be designing a personalized Easter egg carrying sack. The actual Easter Egg Hunt starts at 11:00. Ages 12 & under are welcome, and the kids will be divided up into two groups based on age. Please sign up at the library, so we know how many kids to expect.

Library Lines March 2016

robinLibrary Lines March 2016

March is here. Robins and redwing blackbirds are being spotted, and Mother Nature teases us with 50 degree days. Everyone is ready to catch a little spring fever, and start planning their gardens. The library is the place to go to find out about backyard organic gardening. We maintain a current collection of gardening books, and if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we can get it for you. If gardening is not your hobby of choice, you can come to our guitar lessons on Wednesdays at 4:00, so you can learn a few songs to play around the campfire this summer, or you could join our craft group. Every season is craft season at the library. The craft group meets every Monday afternoon at 2:00 for a raucous good time. Come to learn, share or teach your favorite craft!


One spring tradition not to be missed is the annual Aitkin Memorial District Library Easter Egg Hunt. On Saturday, March 26, we’ll have an Easter themed Story Time at 10:15, and the Easter Egg Hunt will commence at 11:00. Kids aged 0-6 will hunt for eggs around the library, while kids from 7-12 will hunt for eggs at the community center. Please sign up at the library or on our Facebook page.


National Library Week isn’t until April, but we want to give advanced notice on a special program we’ll be having. On Saturday morning, April 16, we’ll be hosting a painting party. No painting experience is needed and by the end of the party, you’ll have your own personal masterpiece to hang on the wall!!! Cost of the class is $15 to cover materials, and seating is limited, so sign up at the library to reserve your seat.  Other events coming to the library for National Library Week include Adult Coloring, Henna Design for Teens, and an exhibit from local artists. Contact the library if you’re interested in having your art displayed!

Book Discussion: Girl on the Train

girl-on-trainThe Girl on the Train books are here! Come get your copy today, so you’re ready for the book discussion club on Wednesday, February 24th at 6:30 pm. Be careful though, once you pick it up, you might not be able to set it down!

Book Review: The Girl on the Train

girl-on-trainRachel is a hot mess. She drank herself out of her marriage, out of her job, and out of her friendships. In order to maintain the illusion of normalcy, she continues to take the train to “work” every single day. She uses this opportunity to stare out the window, pound gin and tonics, and fantasize about the life she had, the life she wanted, and the life that was stolen from her. Every day, she witnesses the “perfect couple.”  In the mornings, their smiling faces enjoy breakfast and coffee. In the evenings, they relax with their dinner and their wine. Rachel lusts after this life. This was her life, but her current life is little more than a boozy fog, so she takes comfort in the warm fantasies of the people she watches from the train. This fantasy too is steamrolled.

One morning, the perfect man isn’t there, and the perfect woman is kissing another man. That same day, the perfect woman goes missing. Rachel would be a key witness, except that she can’t be trusted. She stalks her ex-husband, harasses his new wife, and spends most of her life on the verge of being blackout drunk. Neither her memories nor her motives are trusted by the police. The dark cloud of an alcohol induced blackout hangs over that day, obscuring her recollection of the events. All she knows is that she woke up with bumps and bruises, along with the desperate feeling that key elements of the story have been buried deep within her psyche. Can she stay sober long enough to unearth the facts, and maybe even grasp the root of her addiction?

Genealogy Ancestry.com Class

ancestryThe Sanilac Genealogical Society will be coming to the Library on March 1 at 2:00 to give a tutorial on how to use ancestry.com. Ancestry.com is the most popular genealogy website in the world. The library offers access to the subscription service within the library. Ancestry can be accessed using the library’s computers or the wi-fi connection with your own laptop or tablet.