Nature & Wildlife with John Borkovich

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Nature & Wildlife with John Borkovich
April 9th, at 6pm

Meet author and DNR officer of 27 years John Borkovich and hear wild stories of his life on patrol. John will share his love of nature and discuss hot button issues such as deer baiting and antler point restriction laws.

Energy Healing with Sonya Francis

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Energy Healing with Sonya Francis
April 8th, at 5:30pm

Come learn about energy healing and how you can reset your own energy for better health, calming and healing. Sonya Francis, a local traditional naturopath, will explain energy healing and demonstrate how simply you can balance your own energy for better health. Hands on exercises will be part of the program

Tuesday Concert: Phil and Marsha Larson

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Tuesday Concert with Phil and Marsha Larson
April 2nd, at 6pm

This husband and wife team has been entertaining audiences all over southeastern Michigan since 1997. With Marsha’s rich alto and Phil’s baritone-tenor, they swap between lead and close harmony. You’ll hear a variety of styles, including gospel, blues, Celtic, folk, country, jazz, soft rock and more.

Fun with Genes SPIN Club

Fun with Genes SPIN Club
Hosted at the Aitkin Memorial District Library Feb. 16th and 23rd, as well as March 2nd, 9th, 16th, and 23rd from 11am to noon.

Learn more about cloning. Discover the mystery of DNA. Use science to solve crimes and heal the sick.

Fun with Genes SPIN club uses hands-on crafts to teach genetics to youths aged 8-12.

Brought to you by MSU Extension Services at the Croswell Library. For information, contact Lydia Kritman at or 810.648.2515.

Cost of enrollment is $20 (4H members are free)

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Croswell Library 5K

Croswell Library 5K

May 18th, 9am at the Croswell Splash Pad

Sign up:

1. New Starting Point: We’ll be starting from the Croswell Splash Pad located at the west end of Maple St. in town.

2. New Route: With a new starting point we’ll have a new route but we’ll continue with the road/x-country hybrid from previous years.

3. No 2-Mile Walk: In an effort to keep things simple, everyone will be doing the same route. Participants are welcome to walk the full 5K.

4. Hand Crafted Participant Medals: All participants will receive a medal from a local artist.

5. Training Books for Prizes
1st Prize Master’s: Allied Medal Hanger

6. New Giveaway: Tall Runner’s Sox with Croswell Library Logo (male, female or kid’s sizes available)

7. Lead Bike: A lead bike will pace the group to keep everyone on course

Hope to see you all again! Pray for nice weather and bring picnic supplies for after the race.

One last thing. We’re always looking for volunteers to help guide people on the race course

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Genealogy 101

Genealogy 101
Sanilac County Genealogy Society
@ the Croswell Library
Tuesday, February 26 @ 1 pm
Starting a Family Tree?
Hit a Brick Wall?

Get started or get over that wall. With the Sanilac Genealogy Society at the Croswell Library. is available at the Croswell Library for research.

Contact Ella Klein: (810) 679-3816.

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Watercolor Class 

Watercolor Class
with Suzanne Boeck
10:00—1:00 Saturday, Feb. 16
Cost is $20
Please, Sign up here
Class fills up quickly

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Tuesday Concert: Still Running

Tuesday Concert: Still Running
Tuesday, February 5th at 6pm

Still Running returns to Croswell Library. Their performance was one of the highlights of last year’s concert series. Mike Mercatante and Jenna Reed are a Port Huron based acoustic duo that blend roots, rock, country, and folk into an eclectic style both unusual and familiar.

Jenna has classical training in singing and theater; she is originally from the Chicago area. Mike is an award-winning guitarist from Detroit.

Join us for an hour of high energy, thought-provoking songs, harmonies and fun.

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Hamilton: Original Broadway Cast Recording

Hamilton: Original Broadway Cast Recording
Written and Composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda
Atlantic Records: 2015
Available at the Croswell Library as a 2 Disk Set (coming soon)
Review by Marty Rheaume

From the opening title track to the tragic end, Miranda uses the allure of music to form a palpable connection with our forefathers and the birth of our country. The fist pounding, foot stomping revolutionary spirit reverberates through every track on Disk 1. Hamilton’s impending doom hangs over Disk 2, creating a reflection on political intrigue and family drama. Taken together, they deliver a cinematic musical experience that demands attention and rewards the astute listener.

“Alexander Hamilton” sets the tone with a rousing introduction to the bastard, orphan, son of a Scotsman who lands in New York to be a new man. It’s sung by Alexander (Miranda) and the rest of the cast, including historical heavyweights George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Marquis de Lafayette, King George the III, and Hamilton’s scheming antagonist, Aaron Burr.

“Aaron Burr, Sir” is a glimpse into the polemical relationship between the idealistic Hamilton and the opportunistic Burr, establishing Burr as the central narrator and villain. It’s followed by “My Shot,” a brash meeting of revolutionaries and a continued refrain throughout the production.

We meet Hamilton’s lovely wife Eliza and her sophisticated sister Anjelica as they tantalize us with the intriguing love triangle that characterizes the relationship between them in “The Schuyler Sisters.” They make repeat appearances throughout the show and never fail to add heart and soul.

“You’ll be Back” provides comic relief as King George III plays the role of the spurned monarch who will send a fully armed battalion to remind us of his love. Meanwhile, General Washington is outgunned, outmanned, outnumbered, and out planned so he recruits the young scrappy and hungry Alexander to be his “Right Hand Man.”

The Revolution comes to a victorious end in “Yorktown,” another rebellious fist pumper, as Washington, Lafayette, and Hamilton defeat the British. King George III responds to the cocky upstarts by asking “What Comes Next?” in a petulant send off to his former colony.

Disk 2 commences with Jefferson’s grandiose return from France and flows right into the newly arrived Secretary of State’s “Cabinet Battle #1” with Treasury Secretary Hamilton. The rivals go head to head and toe to toe with ruthless style and mic dropping moments.

When Hamilton is not battling the Virginian duo of Jefferson and Madison, he’s trying to balance the roles of young father and young Founding Father and fails when he’s seduced by the siren song of forbidden desire in “Can’t Say No to This.”

After the fallout from Hamilton’s indiscretion and a catastrophic family tragedy, the album loses the triumphalism of Disk 1 and grapples with the challenge of leadership, the struggle of betrayal, and the emptiness of loss.

It culminates in America’s most infamous duel and the bittersweet ending of “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?” For Hamilton, it’s the wounded Eliza poignantly immortalizing her Icarus of a husband with her works and his words.

Hamilton delivers top-notch songwriting and gripping storytelling. Refrains repeated throughout the production contribute to the pacing and cohesiveness of the show while shifting meaning and morphing with the context. Miranda expertly employs them to foreshadow events and recall earlier moments, keeping the audience engaged and aware. The denseness of lyrical content and the melodic hooks were made to listen to on repeat. Hamilton captures the American story in all its messy glory in a way that’s never been done before.