Breakout EDU

Image result for breakoutedu.comBreakout EDU
Thursday, August 17th at 5 pm

This is a fun, educational, and challenging activity for kids! They’ll have fun while working through problems and challenges.

Teen Breakout EDU

Image result for breakoutedu.comTeen Breakout EDU
Thursday, August 10th at 5 pm

This is a fun activity f0r teens, its challenging and educational but still a lot of fun!

Book Sale Opens

Image result for booksBook Sale Opens
Friday, August 4th at 10 am.

Came and look through our donated books! If you find one you like just make a donation and it’s yours!


Splatter Painting

Image result for splatter paintingSplatter Painting
Thursday, August 3rd at 5 pm

Have fun with this crazy and creative art class! Let your imagination, and your paint, run wild!

Video Game Creation For Teens Part 4

                                                                                    Video Game Creation For Teens
Thursday, July 27th at 5 pm
This is free, just show up and have fun!

This is the final part of our video game creation program! Teens will learn how to create their own video games in this fun and educational program.

Video Game Creation part 3

Image result for video game pictures                      Video Game Creation part 3
Thursday, July 20th at 5 pm
This free, just show up and have fun!

Learn how to make your own video games in our fun, educational course!

Oily Nibbler Night


No automatic alt text available.Oily Nibbler Night
Monday, June 19th at 5:30 – 6:30pm
$10 per person, sign up at the library to reserve your spot!

Come join us to sample oil infused foods. Appetizers, salads, main dishes and desserts! You will also be given a recipe booklet to take home! The cost is $10 per person. You can sign up here or at the library.

Watercolor Class


Watercolor Class
Saturday, July 8th at 10am
$20 per person, spots are limited so reserve your spot at the library!

Suzanne Boeck is back by popular demand! Create your own slice of Northern Michigan with this waterfall watercolor.



Other Awesome Programs

 Other Awesome Programs
These are going on summer long, please check back for times and details!

We’ll be hosting many programs throughout the summer! Create your own video game with computer programming in Google Games. Unlock great prizes with Breakout EDU. Let your creativity go wild with Splatter Painting. For kids and parents there will be a Kids Drive in Movie, and Mom and Kids Yoga!