Monday Movie: Dune Part Two

Movie day will be on Wednesday in May because we have to watch Dune 2 the day after it’s released. We can’t wait until Monday!!!


Monday, May 15th

4-7 PM

Veteran Book Talk: This Troubled Ground

Les Carroll grew up in South Carolina, served in the Air Force and Air National Guard for twenty-eight years, and retired in 2013. He served two tours in Afghanistan and one tour at the Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations Center at Dover Air Force Base. This Troubled Ground was created out of those experiences.
The war in Afghanistan impacted Americans in profound ways, yet only a small percentage of Americans know what it’s like to be there, fight there, come home from there, and then live the rest of their lives wondering if their service made a difference.
This Troubled Ground goes there-to the cold, dark, and heartbreaking tarmac at Dover Air Force Base, to the Kabul newsrooms, to briefing rooms, and to the deadly battlefields in their many forms across Afghanistan. Inspired by true events, this book follows a haunting, sometimes uplifting but ultimately tragic journey into war through the eyes of an Air Force officer searching for meaning as his path intersects with a mother’s desperate quest to find hope after her son is killed serving with the US Marines in Afghanistan.
Tuesday, April 23rd
6 PM

Monday Movie: The Iron Claw

Join us for our monthly movie. Feel free to bring your own movie snacks.
This month’s movie is Iron Claw. It’s known for being powerfully acted and profoundly sad, The Iron Claw honors its fact-based story with a dramatization whose compassionate exploration of family ties is just as hard-hitting as its action in the wrestling ring. [rotten tomatoes]
Runtime 1:56 | Rated R for language, suicide, and drug use
Monday, April 8th
4 PM

Free Douglas Fir Sapling Planting Course

Celebrate National Library week with us by planting a majestic Douglas Fir. (White Pines were sold out.)
Saplings are available on a first come, first serve basis. Everyone who gets one will also receive planting instructions. Trees are available to people of all ages.
Giveaway will be Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.
Friday, April 12th: 12-5 PM
Saturday, April 13th: 10-2 PM

Instrument Open House

Join us to try an instrument of your choice. Over the course of the hour, we’ll learn the chorus to When the Saints Go Marching In and we’ll play it together at the end of the class.
Croswell, Michigan
Tuesday, April 9th
5 PM

The Passion of Christ: Full Movie

Join us for a special “after hours” Good Friday showing of The Passion of the Christ on the 20th Anniversary of its release.
Doors lock at 12 o’clock because the library officially closes at 12 on Good Friday so don’t be late! Seats are available on a first come first serve basis.
Movie is Rated R for graphic violence.
Friday, March 29
12 PM

Solar Eclipse: Watch Party

View a partial solar eclipse over the Black River. Eclipse starts at 1:58 PM and reaches 95% coverage at 3:14 PM.
Viewing glasses are available at the library while supplies last.
Monday, April 8th
1:58 PM